Publications For Sale

  1. CFN is now offering the “Analytical Fleet Maintenance Management” to its list of available publications. The publication was authored by John Dolce. $75 plus shipping and handling.

  2. CFN is now offering the “Fleet Manager’s Guide to Vehicle Specification and Procurement,” 2nd edition, to its list of available publications. The publication is in its second edition and was authored by John Dolce (314 pages). $75 plus shipping and handling.

  3. 5th Edition, 384 pages, 32 illustrations, $75 plus shipping and handling.

  4. If you don’t have a clear set of instructions for your drivers, that’s a problem! The CFN model is complete and saves hours of time in development. $75 plus shipping and handling.

  5. Develop the best relationship with your customers with written service agreements! Used by CFN consultants, these models are complete and varied - -- law enforcement, public works, solid waste, jail industries, other governments. Don’t waste time - improve your customer services now! $150 plus shipping and handling.

  6. Don’t waste time drafting fleet management policy! CFN’s fleet policy model is out. It is a model for you to work from - general fleet management policy, a financial policy, re-placement framework, assignment policy, tool policy, clean and green fleet model and the best models in the field - $150 plus shipping and handling.

  7. CFN is taking orders for its landmark publication, Best Fleet Management Practices and Performance Measures. This is the only comprehensive listing of best fleet management practices in the industry. The manual includes over 100 best practices and over 85 performance measures for managing fleet operations.

    The manual includes three major chapters. The first chapter outlines the fundamental structure needed for fleet organization: policy, authority, financial policy, management and services organization, customer organization and information technology foundation.

    The second chapter covers cost and chargeback management, assignment and fleet size management, cycling management and services management. The third chapter identifies the services provided by fleet management including maintenance and repair, fueling and motor pool services.

    Each topic area includes a set of objectives and performance measures to meet the objectives. In addition, fleet managers can immediately benchmark their operations against the best management practices, policies and plans which are also listed in each section. The manual is available for $150 plus $5 shipping and handling.