In the January-February 2015 Issue

Can you identify the true cost of your fleet management business?
by Mike Corbett, Publisher
Chart: Efficiency Performance Measures

IRS reports 2015 Reimbursement Rates
New Standard Business Mileage Rate Up 1.5 cents in 2015
Chart: Mileage Reimbursement Rates – 5 Years

State, local governments face massive, growing budget gaps in 2015 and beyond

The real reason gas prices are falling
With $2 Gas, the Toyota Prius Is for Drivers Who Stink at Math

NYPD and Texas Police Fleets Cars Sabotaged
NYPD on alert after lug nuts loosened on department vehicles: ‘Things have gotten so bad’
Texas police on high alert after patrol car's brakes were sabotaged and two officers were 'shot at' in separate incidents
Harris County Precinct 7 sergeant noticed warning light was flashing; Technician found anti-lock braking system had been intentionally cut
New technology allows police cruisers to record nearly everything

California News
New 2015 California DMV Traffic Laws
California puzzles over safety of driverless cars

Headline News
Ford Starts Production of New Aluminum F-150
Obama Administration is 826,000 Short of 1 Million Electric Car Promise
Mercedes confirms metro Atlanta U.S. headquarters move

Climate Change
Google engineers say renewable energy won’t solve climate change
Can climate change be solved with technologies like wind and solar energy?
Obama revives ozone regulation he once opposed for being “too severe a burden” on economy
Is China laughing at the U.S.?