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General Motors Performance DVD & Manual

In this class, veteran automotive educator Wally Mouradian puts you under the hood of most GM vehicles for the past 15 years.

This class goes into great detail about the way to research, diagnose and solve almost every GM system. System and diagnostic training is explain in the ignition, Fuel, Air and ignition systems along with PCM strategies and common trouble codes explained. This class is over 3 hours and comes in DVD and online formats along with a study guide, knowledge assessment and a certificate of completion for our online users.


· Component Education
· Newer Technology
· Trouble Codes
· GM Service Research tips and best practices.
· Wiring and Schematics
· PCM Modes, Procedures and Operation
· Scan Tool Testing
· Circuit Testing

Runtime: 4 Hours

Ford Powerstroke Diagnostics DVD & Manual (6.0L, 6.4L & 6.7L)


This Powerstroke 6.0, 6.4 and 6.7 diagnostics training program helps you choose the best tests that get you the most information with the least effort in order to fix these vehicles fast. These strategies are even more critical on Powerstroke engines because they are so time consuming to work on. This training program contains field-tested diagnostic and repair strategies that actually work, and includes tips and tricks developed in shops across the nation. If you can’t make it to one of our training seminars or if you’d like to review materials covered in the course, then this package is for you.

ATG and Automotive Video, Inc. have partnered together to produce a unique package including our Powerstroke Training Manual and a 2.5 hour DVD featuring ATG instructor Wally Mouradian. Get the DVD and manual for only $200 + shipping. The training manual sells for $110 by itself, so this package is a great deal.

Specific topics covered include:

· Mechanical issues & repair techniques
· High & low pressure oil systems (6.0L)
· High pressure fuel systems (6.4L & 6.7L)
· Oil & fuel injection control & issues
· Variable geometry turbo systems & controls
· EGR flow & function diagnostics
· Best ways to find restrictions & leaks
· Diesel Oxidation Cats & Diesel Particulate Filters
· and much more

Watch this program for some great shortcuts and homemade tools to quickly isolate faults that can take hours more to find using conventional diagnostics.

Runtime: 2.5 hours

Ford Engine Performance DVD & Manual

More than any other manufacturer, Ford has reinvented itself in the last decade. While many of the traditional services are now obsolete, the new Ford emissions and engine management systems create some great diagnosis and repair opportunities.

Wally Mouridian covers Ford Engine Performance, the training techs are looking for to give them the diagnostic edge. Simply, showing you how to fix these cars with the least amount of effort.


• Ignition Primary, Secondary, Control & Current Tests
• Distributor, DIS, & COP Ignition Systems
• Fuel Pressurization & Injection
• Returnless Fuel Systems
• Adaptive Fuel Control
• 4 problem areas; Fuel, Ignition, Mechanical, Air
• Rear Fuel Trim and Intake Air measurement.

Additional Info:

Do not need a factory scanner to diagnose
Will take diagnostic time down to minutes
Understanding PIDS/Where they come from
Understanding the things you can’t see
Older & Newer methods to diagnosing vehicles quicker
How to eliminate the 4 problem areas to pinpoint the issue.

Runtime: 2.25 Hours

400 Page ATG Manual Included

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